What are the Light Centers?

A very long time ago the ancients of Britain were putting together The Light Centers. In the East there is the Rainbow Chakra system, that most people are familiar with but hardly anything is known of this western system.

To our ancients, by looking out to the solar system they defined what was the making of themselves by the moon being the closest celestial body they could see and Saturn the furthest. All the planets in-between with the heart at the centre, just like our heart, related to each of our seven centres running up our spine.

Each of these seven celestial bodies vibrate to a particular resonance of light that we see as colour. These are in a different sequence than the eastern rainbow system and also have different symbols, as you can see above, called glyphs. Each glyph is a mixture of the cross of matter and the circle of spirit. This relationship between matter and spirit changes as the glyphs change as you ascend up the pole of colours. What you are doing, and what they reflect, is dematerialising. This journey provides a journey of conscious exploration. ¬†From this, profound changes can occur from bringing in the ‘new’, being the ultimate means to manifest.

The Light Centers remained underground over the centuries in the West, it being so adept at creating enlightenment, it was deemed too dangerous by those in power to let its knowledge and practice be spread. The West has developed differently to the East where a hierarchal social system has kept people’s ambitions at bay. Although this is changing in the East, in the West independence especially from authority has been a constant theme of western development.

The combination of the colours’ vibrational rays and their connection to the solar system via the planets opens up the portals to each of the centres in a different way to the eastern system. This is because presently westerners are working to a different set of energetic rules. Having introduced people all over the world to The Light Centers, they have often commented that this was the system they were looking for, having exhausted the limitations of others that were just not working for them. All the systems are valid but only to the right person.

In Britain there are endless markings, carved signatures that hark to the use of the The Light Centers over time. Stonehenge is our finest example with its inner Moon cycle and outer Saturn cycle. Places like Rosslyn Chapel also pay more of a modern homage to this system of personal development. However, although having been around for a long time, its relevance is equally as powerful and needed today.